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Research Scientist, IBM Australia Research Lab @ 204 Lygon Street, Melbourne, Australia
IBM Australia


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Professional Associations:  Australian Computer Society (ACS)  |  European Alliance for Innovation (EAI)

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More information:  Suraj Pandey @ CSIRO ICT Center


Suraj is a research scientist at IBM Research – Australia. He holds a PhD and ME in Computer Science from The University of Melbourne, and Inha University, respectively. Prior to joining IBM, he was a research fellow at the CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, where he worked on large projects in business process management and Cloud computing. He has published several highly cited papers, received numerous industry awards, filed patents, and has been an active member in leading industry groups.

Suraj’s technical area of expertise is on scalable computing, data intensive applications, business process orchestration, dynamic compute-resource provisioning, and accelerating real-world applications using distributed computing paradigms.

Suraj’s industry focus is on the Oil & Gas industry (upstream). He is currently working on projects that make use of real-time data analytics and forecasting techniques that are used by the industry in well operation predictive maintenance, integrated operation analytics, and real-time decision making.

From July 2012 till December 2012, he held the title of Honorary Associate at The University of Sydney.

In 2011, he was an Associate Lecturer (433-678: Cluster and Grid Computing) and a post-doctoral research fellow at the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory (CLOUDS) in the Department of Computing and Information Systems, at the University of Melbourne.

His most recent research and development engagements/projects are listed below.

Projects (Jan-2014 to Present):

  • Real-time + Big Data analytics in Oil&Gas Industry

  • Solutioning Cloud-based software assets for use in well operations (upstream) in Oil&Gas Industry

Projects (Jan-2013 to Dec-2013):

  • Global Technology Outlook (GTO 2014) - Advocate from IBM Australia Research Lab
  • Smarter Financial Life (http://researcher.ibm.com/researcher/view_project.php?id=4735)
  • Fire risk planner and modeller
  • Cognitive computing study
  • Lecture "Parallel and Multicore Computing (COMP90025)", Semester 2, 2013, at The University of Melbourne.

Projects (May-2012 to Dec-2012):
  • Smarter natural disaster management (Victoria, Australia related projects)
    • Publish-subscribe system design and implementation
    • Automation of multitude data transformation and import
    • Spatial and structured data management
  • Systems of systems: Architecture; Event processing; Real-world Applications; Prototype Implementation (InfoSphere Streams)
  • Workflow models; process enactment; resource management
  • Social Media Data/Network Analysis


  • Workflow Management System: Workflow language; data and task scheduling; process orchestration and enactment
  • Data intensive applications: Modeling applications as workflows; prototype development and proof of concept;
  • Middleware Services: Scalability through decentralization
  • Scheduling Algorithms: Design, Implementation, Complexity, Optimization, Comparison
  • Cloud Computing: Management of virtual machines (PaaS), Hosting Software Services in Clouds (Amazon AWS), distributed data retrieval and management