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Research Scientist
IBM Research Brazil



Dr. Fernando Koch is a Research Scientist at the IBM Research Brazil's Smarter Human System Group. He received the IBM Eminence and Excellence Award in 2012, and the IBM Outstanding Contributor Award in 2013, for leadership in research. This research group is interested in technologies where “people are in the centre". The research agenda develops around the concepts of community engagement, citizen participation, inclusion, social networks, and involvement and feedback.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences (2009) from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in collaboration with University of Melbourne, Australia. His research was on novel agent-based models for context-aware applications that better operate in open and dynamic environments.

His research interests focus on "Predictive Social Analytics". It involves the integration of Social Analytics methods and agent-based models to classify, understand, and anticipate social behaviour. He is working on technologies to exploit the use of mobile computing as a "human sensor" (or sociometers) and the development of alternative social media for data collection. In this scope, he is looking into innovative social simulation methods and agent-based simulation models towards forecasting/extrapolation, predictive modeling, and organisation optimisation.

He has published over 50 academic papers in diverse areas like Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing, and others. His research interests include:

  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Predictive Social Analytics
  • Smarter Cities
  • Smarter Education
  • Cognitive Computing

He has significant expertise in the implementation of theoretical frameworks and practical solutions related to the technologies surrounding the proposed research. He researched and developed innovative methods to collect and classify social data. These achievements demonstrate my unique ability to transfer research finding into industry solutions, generating intellectual property, and composing solution with industry and societal impact.