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Security Research Intern - Cloud and Storage, Secuirty
IBM Research - Almaden


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Professional Associations:  W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

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Rabimba Karanjai is a PhD in Computer Science at RICE University specializing in parallelization with a background in security and privacy. He is very interested in Web Virtual Reality (WebVR) performance optimization and javascript parallelization. He is currently visiting IBM Almaden Research Center as a Research Intern.

At present, he is working on biometrics, blockchain among other things with Luis Bathen and Divyesh Jadav at IBM Almaden.

His past work mostly dealt with tamper resistant mobile applications with partial emphasis to persistent authenticated dictionary, logs. Rabimba's research interests primarily include parallelization, application security, Open Web Application Security, Adaptive Kernel access control in mobiles and a little(tiny) bit of Machine Learning.

Prior to that his work at IBM T J Watson Research Center mostly involved dealing with interactive visualization using large-scale semantic data, interfacing with the analytic backend, tuning of natural language processing algorithms and focusing on domain-specific linguistic analysis techniques depending on requirement.