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Research Engineer
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



Vanessa Lopez is a research scientist at the Smarter Cities Technology Centre (SCTC) at IBM's Dublin Research Laboratory in Ireland.

Research Interests

To investigate and envision innovative Linked Data technologies to capture, integrate, enrich, search, explore and query live and open data coming from a city (multi-domain datasets, spatial-temporal data, streams for sensors and feeds), so that smart applications can be build on top.
There are many research challenges involved, such as dynamically modeling heterogeneous cross-domain data with unknown shape, creating spatial-temporal visualizations, pay-as-you-go data integration, linking with relevant external data, reducing the search space and understanding citizens interaction.

Research Experience

Designing and implementing innovative solutions for harnessing of urban data as city knowledge, through a combination of analytics, semantic technologies, automated reasoning and sensitive information protection at scale. In particular, applying semantic and Linked Data technologies to: (1) support urban data management, semantic lifting and integration of live data and metadata coming from Dublin city, as well as providing search and multiple views according to user needs; (2) provide contextual access and integration of social care and health care for Care Coordination; (3) supporting users in querying and exploring information and obtaining  answer queries by combining and aggregating information across multiple and heterogeneous Web of Data sources. In particular to explore and develop novel forms of Natural Language Question Answering interfaces, able to take advantage of the semantic data available on the Web to interpret and answer user queries posed in natural language on the fly.

I was the project champion and main developer of AquaLog, PowerAqua (Open University) pioneering prototypes for Natural Language interfaces for the Semantic Web. PowerAqua is uniquely able , which can be distributed across heterogeneous semantic resources. Projects and technologies I was working on include Dot.Kom, AKT, OpenKnowledge, X-Media, SmartProducts and RADAR.

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