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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel


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More information:  EU FP7 project PINCETTE



Ph.D. in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Research area: formal verification. Thesis: "Coverage Metrics for Model Checking".

M.Sc. in computer science from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Research area: boolean cicruit complexity. Thesis: "Shrinkage of formulas with majority gates".

B.Sc. in computer science and mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Short bio:

I am a member of the Formal Technologies and Solutions group at IBM Haifa Research Labs. My primary research interests lie in the area of coverage metrics for formal verification and extensions of these metrics to more sophisticated methodology to ensure thoroughness of verification, both in hardware and in software.

I am also interested in the combinatorial optimization methods in the context of bug hunting and replay of concurrent programs.

I am a technical coordinator of the EU-funded project PINCETTE .