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Researcher - Healthcare and Life Sciences
IBM Research - Haifa, Israel



I am a computational biologist and clinical data scientist at the Machine Learning for Life Sciences and Healthcare Group at the IBM Research - Haifa. My work encompasses systems biology, ‘omics’, especially cancer and microbiome, and healthcare informatics. Recently, I co-founded Watson Genomics Analytics, a precision oncology solution currently implemented in over a dozen treatment centers (link, press release). Over the past years I have also worked on clinical guideline adherence analysis, driver gene discovery, promoting life sciences across our organization, microbiome analytics, and observational data studies.

I obtained my PhD in 2011 from the Systems Biology Department at Harvard and my B.Sc from the Technion University under the Excellence Program. During my PhD I worked in the synthetic biology realm – engineering microbes for hydrogen production, and in systems biology – developing single molecule imaging to study cell-to-cell variability in alternative splicing of RNA.