Contact Information

Diptikalyan Saha
Research Staff Member
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India

I am a researcher in Cognitive Solutions and Services department of IBM Research at Bangalore. I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from State University of New York at Stony Brook. My advisors were Prof. C. R. Ramakrishnan and Prof. Scott A. Smolka. I received my B.E. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University. Prior to joining IBM Research, I have worked with Motorola India Research Lab at Bangalore and Interra IT at Noida.

My research interests include program analysis based software engineering, logic programming, verification, and security. Currently I am working Natural Language to Structured Query formation and low-overhead program profiling techniques.

My past projects in IBM are related to Automated Fault Localization, Program Repair, Program Equivalence, Program Refactoring, Program Tracing and Profiling, Porgram Migration/Translation, API Extraction, and Grammar Inference.

Latest News:


  • Our paper titled "ATHENA: An Ontology-Driven System for Natural Language Querying over Relational Data Stores" got accepted in VLDB 2016.
  • I am invited to serve as a PC member in ISEC 2017.
  • I am invited to serve as a PC member in ForMABS 2016 (Formal Methods  for Analysis of Business Systems)
  • I am invited to serve as a PC member in ICSE 2017 Demonstration track.
  • I am invited to serve as a PC member in ICSOC 2016.
  • Our joint work with Prof. Aditya Kanade (IISc) titled "P3: Partitioned Path Profiling" got accepted in ESEC-FSE 2015.