Contact Information

Monika Gupta
Software Engineer - Research
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India

I am currently a member of the Productivity Tools group in the Programming Technologies and Software Engineering department at IBM Research - India. I initially worked on static code analysis tools to aid Java programmers in bug-fixing. I also worked on dynamic code analysis of C/C++ programs for pipeline parallelism and multi-core enablement. Currently, I work on developing usable tools & techniques to help enhance the productivity of various stakeholders involved in software delivery such as business analysts, developers etc. The goal of my research is simplification of various software development and maintenance tasks and further promote reuse of information across projects.

My interest areas are Program Analysis, Business Process Management, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Information Reuse & Management and Cloud Computing. I joined IBM Research in 2007. I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. My Master's Thesis was under Prof. Sanjeeva Prasad on Network Protocol Verification.