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Nidhi has been a researcher with IBM Research Labs, India for around 4 years. She has extensively worked in domains such as Open Governance and Education. She has a number of scientific contributions through patents and papers in these areas. She has also done some novel work in the space of detecting corruption in public services.

She is currently working with the Smarter Education group, a part of the Knowledge and Engineering Services team, where she is involved with an Education research project PETALS (Personalized Educations Through Analytics on Learning Systems). PETALS focuses on improving a student's performance through personalized education. It uses deep predictive, prescriptive and content analytics to improve the learning outcomes of the students and combines the research areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Human Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Before working on Education, she was technically leading the European Union FP7 project COCKPIT (Citizens Collaboration and Co-creation in Public Service Delivery). COCKPIT is an open government platform for participatory design of public services. It defines a new Governance model which actively engages and empowers Citizens in Public Service Delivery decision making process. It combines the research areas of citizens’ opinion mining in the context of Web 2.0, enhance Service Science Management Engineering in the context of the public sector and encourage deliberative engagement of citizens for forming informed judgements on public services delivery.

She has also led a project on Open Government Data, Kenya in collaboration with IBM Research Labs Africa, where the team built a showcase mobile application for citizens of Kenya to easily apply for a National ID Card. The application was also integrated with IPaidABribe Kenya to allow anonymized reporting of bribe incidents faced by the citizens while executing the service.

Apart from the regular projects, Nidhi has done some very novel work in the area of corruption in public services. She has a patent and few papers published on systematically identifying corruption hotspots in a public service design. She also has published papers and a book chapter in the area of participatory service design.

In the past, she pursued her M.Tech (Information Technology) from IIIT-Bangalore and worked at SAP Labs India for approximately 4.5 years. Her work at SAP was mainly in the area of Model-Driven architecture. At SAP, she actively contributed to the technical community through publishing articles on SAP's technical platform, being a speaker on technology at SAP's technical event (SAP TechEd) and publishing a patent in the area of her expertise.