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Bangalore, India



Suresh Thummalapenta is a member of the Programming Technologies and Software Engineering department at IBM Research - India. His research interests include Automated Software Engineering with emphasis on Software Testing and Mining Software Engineering Data. His main goal is to develop techniques and tools that can help deliver high-quality software more productively. His current research interests include developing new techniques that combine natural language processing and program analysis for improving end-user programming, test-script automation, and test-script maintenance.

During his PhD, he developed new techniques on applying data mining algorithms on software engineering data (such as static traces extracted from program source code) to mine high-level specifications in the form of common patterns (e.g., frequent occurrences of pairs or sequences of Application Programming Interface (API) method calls). He used these specifications for improving software productivity and quality by addressing the following research questions: (1) How to automatically infer specifications from source code? (2) How to exploit inferred specifications for improving software productivity by reducing developer effort? (3) How to exploit inferred specifications for improving software quality via enhancing static and dynamic defect detection techniques such as testing?

Suresh received his PhD degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in 2010. His adviser is Tao Xie, who leads Automated Software Engineering group at North Carolina State University. He received M.S from North Carolina State University and B.Tech from Andhra University, both in computer science. Prior to joining PhD program, Suresh worked as a software developer and test engineer in Tata Consultancy Services, India for five years.