Contact Information

Vaibhav Saxena
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India

I am working in the High Performance Computing group of IBM Research - India, New Delhi.

I am currently involved in the UBD-IBM Research Collaboration effort that aims to perform joint research with Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) in the area of weather/climate modelling, flood forecasting, renewable energy (solar/wind farm). My current focus is to look at the computational aspects of the weather models for operational forecasting purpose.

My other work involves the optimization of HPC Challenge Benchmarks on HPC systems such as IBM Blue Gene.

My past work in the lab involved the optimization of linear algebra library BLAS on the Cell Processor and also optimization of Non-rigid Image Registration on the GPU.

Prior to joining IBM Research, I worked in the development of cross-platform scalable graphics applications/libraries on large visualization systems.


5-yr Integrated M.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Delhi in 2003.