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Research Scientist - Cognitive IoT at IBM Research - Africa
Tokyo, Japan


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I am a research scientist at IBM Research - Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 1997, I had worked around advanced reflection technologies in Java (a.k.a. OpenJava and Javassist), applied the technologies to aspect-oriented development for distributed computing (a.k.a. Addistant) at University of Tsukuba, Japan. Just after receiving a PhD degree in Engineering from the university in 2002, I joined IBM Research in Japan. There I shifted my research focus to more application side, Web, and had worked around XML and Web Services, mainly dedicated to WebSphere Application Server products of IBM. I also led the Java zone in IBM developerWorks Japan during 2002-2003. Since 2005, we started Dynamic Scripting Languages projects, especially for PHP. Parts of the results have been published at major academic conferences like ICWS, Middleware, POPL, and WWW. Also, some research results have been transferred to IBM Software Group as the core technologies of a PHP implementation on Java for products such as WebSphere sMash, CICS and MessageBroker.  In 2011, I dived into the area of smarter cities, starting from resilience engineering, open data, and those for emerging counties.  In 2013, as a new research lab opened in Africa, I moved to the lab in Nairobi, Kenya and engaged in Human Mobility projects, to enable data-supported transportation solutions leveraging mobile/frugal infrastructure and cutting-edge intelligent transportation technologies, where I had lead research technologies-based solution development for these years.