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Director, IBM Research - Tokyo



Research That Matters

IBM Research - Tokyo opened its doors in 1982 as IBM's first research laboratory in Asia. As part of IBM's global research community, we have achieved innovative scientific results and engineering breakthroughs to contribute to IBM products and solutions. IBM Research - Tokyo has also played a key role in exploring "in-market research" with leading clients in Japan by applying our science efforts to meet their needs for innovations and to overcome their business challenges through joint studies.

It is IBM Research - Tokyo's nature to seek to evolve our roles and models to meet the requirements of the times, of the innovation trends, and of IBM's corporate strategies. The development of IBM Research reflects the changing patterns and practices of the IBM Corporation and Research remains a core division of the company. IBM Research - Tokyo has striven to explore basic scientific fields and to do exploratory research, applying our discoveries and insights to advanced solutions and new products. We go farther and explore new ways of applying products and solutions into new domains. IBM Research is one of very few research institutions in the world that excels in creating incremental innovations that matter.

Another unique aspect of our laboratory is that we are a "global" company. At present, IBM Research's 3,000 world-class researchers in various strategic research areas are pursuing their research breakthroughs with no boundaries or nationalities. Given opportunities for world-class interaction and research, IBM Research - Tokyo researchers can and must experience global research projects related to their research expertise. In addition to their academic results, it is their privilege to see their technologies going into the world in the form of IBM products and solutions.

We live in a time of dynamic evolution in the R&D environment. The more complicated our systems and solutions become, the more clearly we see the needs for collaboration. We must collaborate with clients, scientific institutions, and academia. In this environment, our researchers must demonstrate not only leading research expertise, using their eyes to recognize the real value of their research, but they must be leaders in developing collaboration, with the wisdom to capture market trends and the skills to communicate the worth of their research to clients and partners. In IBM Research - Tokyo, we have the fertile soil to sprout and grow world-class researchers. We will never end our journey to pursue "Research That Matters".