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Research Scientist - AI for Optimization
IBM Watson Research Center


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Professional Associations:  Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)  |  INFORMS


I am a research scientist in the Cognitive Algorithms department at IBM Watson Research Center. My research focuses on various aspects of Combinatorial Reasoning and Optimization, including the design and analysis of efficient inference technology for propositional logic, mixed integer programming, probabilistic reasoning, algorithm selection, and reasoning about complex combinatorial spaces. My work falls broadly in the areas of Algorithms and Theory, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research.

Smarter Energy systems and Computational Sustainability have lately been the main application areas of my research. In particular, I am part of the research team at IBM that is developing a state-of-the-art software and hardware platform for advanced analytics enabled by data collected from millions of smart meters. This research is being conducted as part of SERI, the Smarter Energy Research Institute.

Prior to joining IBM in late 2010, I was a Research Associate at Cornell University where I worked with Profs. Carla Gomes and Bart Selman as part of the Intelligent Information Systems Institute (IISI) and the Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS). I received my PhD from the University of Washington under the guidance of Profs. Paul Beame and Henry Kautz.