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Currently, Beth is a research developer working on the Timeflash project. IBM Timeflash is a novel social calendaring application that allows you to share and socialize around your up-coming and past events with friends, co-workers, and family.

Prior projects include Beehive, an internal social networking site for the enterprise. Malibu, a personal productivity assistant that provides peripheral access to and awareness of activities, tasks, social-bookmarks, and feeds to assist knowledge workers in their activity-centric work. PestoPlus, a framework for augmenting real-time collaborative applications with services such as content record and playback, text translation and speech transcription. Developed jointly with researchers in the Haifa Labs, Pesto allowed end users the control to dynamically manage services, enabling for example, the means to add text translation on the fly into an Instant Messaging (chat) session.

Beth was a key contributor to the Activity Explorer (AE) project. Activity Explorer is a novel hybrid productivity application that combines informal, ad hoc communication with formal, more structured collaboration tools. The two key ingredients of Activity Explorer are Live Shared Objects and Activities. After helping to develop the original research prototype, Beth joined researcher Werner Geyer in a tech transfer effort, bringing Activity Explorer into IBM Workplace. AE provides the foundation for IBM's next generation of activity-centric collaboration products.

Beth joined Research in June 2000, originally as a member of the Cambridge Speech Initiative (CSI) Group. CSI was an effort to extend the user's experience of traditional speech recognition interfaces with a more natural, expansive conversational interface. In Beth's former work at Lotus, she participated for many years as a developer and team leader on the 1-2-3 team. As a contributor to several releases of Lotus 1-2-3, she gained not only technical expertise, but equally valuable insights into the art of building and rebuilding teams, decision-making processes and styles, and the realities of business constraints. While working on 1-2-3, Beth focused on the collaborative use of spreadsheets, most notably through such features as Version Manager, Version Manager for Notes, and TeamConsolidate.

Prior to joining Lotus in 1991, Beth was part of a team that developed a next-generation, distributed newspaper publishing system at Atex in Bedford, MA. She began her Software Engineering career at Wang Laboratories in Lowell, MA as a member of the word processing development team.

Beth holds a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

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