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contact information

Chief Software Architect, Manager, Blue Gene and Exascale Software
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I am currently working at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center where I am the chief software architect and manager of the Blue Gene and Exascale Research Software Team. Prior to that I worked on the K42 Scalable Operating System project targeted at next generation servers and the Continuous Program Optimization project that utilizes integrated performance data to automatically improve application and system performance. Before joining IBM Research, and after receiving my PhD from the Computer Science department at the University of Rochester (see my web page there) I worked at Silicon Graphics on high-end parallel OS development, parallel real-time systems, and real-time performance monitoring.



Research Interests

My research interests lie in experimental scalable systems with the goal of achieving high performance by cooperation between the system and the application. I am interested in how we can structure and design operating systems to perform well on parallel machines, and how those operating systems can be designed to allow user customization, which I believe is key to achieving good application performance on multiprocessors. I believe in part this solution will require sharing of information across the application - system interface, e.g., customizing OS services. I am also interested in mechanisms for providing performance monitoring information in these systems to provide data for automatic program and system improvement and to provide programmers with information to allow high performance applications to be developed and performance tuned more easily.

See the Blue Gene project page for more information about my current work.


I swim regularly with the Badger Swim Team to stay in shape. I am a member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association), and organize a tennis ladder here at Watson research (see my internal page or email me for more info). In adddition I enjoy skiing (snow and water), ice skating, golf, and racquetball. Given the opportunity, I also enjoy a good game of chess, go, scrabble, boggle, or other.