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Senior Manager, Cognitive Computing Platform and Runtimes
T. J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY USA



I am a Principal Research Staff Member and Senior Manager in the Cognitive Computing Department working with my team on building out a cognitive computing platform.

Cognitive computing applications are applications that process big data to derive insights, that reason, train and continuously learn, and that interact with humans on human terms. These applications are usually both data- and compute-intensive, they evolve (learn) and they consume vast amounts of data, often continuously. Watson Platform Next is a cloud computing platform tailored to the specific needs of these next generation cognitive applications. I am working with my team on building the platform as a set of runtimes, programming models, tools and ecosystem to develop, operate and collaborate around cognitive applications. At the core of the platform is a powerful DevOps infrastructure to support continuous development and release of scalable, highly-available and trainable cognitive applications on a hybrid cloud.

My broader research interests include tools and runtimes for cloud development and operations. In the past I have published in the areas of parallel program analysis, dynamic and static program optimization, and software development tools, including cloud-based development tools.  You can find a list of publications and patents under the Publications and Patents links.

I am an ACM Distinguished Scientist.