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Alfio M. Gliozzo
Research Manager, Watson Group

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Alfio Gliozzo has 15 years international research and development experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence with strong focus on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Semantic Web. He is the manager and technical leader of the Distributional Semantics team with the Solution Frameworks department of Watson Innovations. He is currently involved in the development of IBM products such as Watson Explorer and Watson Corporate Insights. At the same time, Alfio is an adjunct professor at Columbia University from 2013 where he teaches a graduate course on Cognitive Computing that is now offered as a MOOC and replicated by dozens of top universities all around the world, reaching thousands of students. He has a strong track record almost 60 publications, including books, papers and patents. He was part of the "original" Deep QA team that developed IBM Watson, the Question Answering system who defeated the Jeopardy! grandmasters in 2011.