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STSM, Senior Mgr, Business Service Cloud, Pangoo beyond China
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY USA



Hui Su is a senior manager in IBM Watson Research Center, leading the research around business service cloud. Our clients always need to deliver integrated business value to their customers, rather than just improve their IT operation. This requires cloud technology to move its value delivery from IT level up to business level. The research of business service cloud is to enable smarter service composition on top of IBM Cloud platforms(such as Common Cloud Management Platform, Pangoo Cloud, Research Compute Cloud etc.), so that the Web based business services or applications coming from various vendors can be composed together to serve the business needs from the client. We focus our work in public sector initially, especially local governments. Our current research focuses on composing municipal services on Smarter Service Cloud to improve operation efficiency of municipalities, starting from cities, towns and villages in NYS. The results of reducing cost, sharing services while preserving the independence of local governments will be achieved, through data sharing and integration among software applications such as accounting, assessment, tax collection, recreation and water bill payments etc.

Hui has been an IBM senior technical staff member and a senior manager in IBM China Research Laboratory leading Next Generation Service Research Group since 2006. He has been focusing on the business innovation and technical breakthrough to enable the operation and generation of web-delivered Services (including SaaS and other web-based business services) since 2005. His research work includes: SaaS delivery middleware, web security & trust technology, web-delivered service programming and composition, services operation excellence, software and service Engineering, and service asset management. Before 2005, he has been working on research areas including autonomic client technology, activity computing research, and programming model for server managed user experience.