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Advisory Software Engineer
IBM Research, Cambridge, MA USA


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Research Interests:
Information Visualization
Collaborative Reasoning
Consumable Semantics
Synchronous Collaboration
Intelligent User Interfaces

Jamie Rasmussen joined the Collaborative User Experience group in March 2007. He is working with John Patterson as part of a team that is exploring the notion of Collaborative Reasoning, the work a group of people does to collect, organize, and reason about information. In many situations, there is too much incoming information for one person to sift through alone, and the knowledge required to take appropriate action may be spread among many people. Jamie is currently investigating tools that allow a group of analysts to collaborate through an evolving ontology, and some ways mixed-initiative Artificial Intelligence techniques can aid these users during time-critical decision making tasks.

Before joining CUE, Jamie was a Member of Technical Staff in the Software Group at Epson Research & Development, where he worked on IMX, an advanced desktop videoconferencing system. Prior to that, he spent two years as a Research Fellow at Media Lab Europe, a spin-off of the MIT Media Lab in Dublin, Ireland, where he investigated novel technologies for informal learning environments. Jamie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT.

In addition to coding, cooking, and canines, Jamie loves to travel, and has recently visited Thailand, Belize, and the Cook Islands.