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Liangliang Cao
Research Staff Member- Large Scale Computer Vision and New Media
Rm16-220, 1101 Kitchawan Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598      +1dash914dash945dash2145


  • We will give a tutorial at CVPR'14 on "Learning Visual Semantics: Models, Massive Computation, and Innovative Applications" (with Rogerio Feris, John R. Smith and Shih-Fu Chang).
  • IBM Grand Challenge at ACM MM'14: New York City 360
    • Winners will be selected for a Grand Challenge award from ACM MM'14 and potentially a sponsored trip to NYC!
    • Please submit your work before June 29.
    Thanks to the nice suggestions and comments we received (esp. from Yan-Ying Chen)!

Recent Demos:

Sorry most of my works are hosted on IBM servers which are only accessible within IBM network or VPNs. But I'd be happy to show them to you at conferences or my Columbia class if you have interests.

Recent Research Streams: