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Cognitive Enterprise & Interaction Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


Maryam Ashoori is a Cognitive Objects Technical Lead at the IBM Cognitive Environments Lab. She is the creator of TJBot and known as the 'Cool things' Czar!

She is part computer scientist, part user experience analyst, and part interface artist with a passion for exploring the intersection between art and computer science and building usable, useful, and desirable products. She designs for environments where multiple people come together in a physical space to interact with one another and with one or more intelligent agents. She is interested in exploring how different environmental characteristics of a room such as the content displayed across a multitude of screens situated around the room, the intensity and coloring of ambient lighting, and even the characteristics of the smart objects contained within the room (aka 'Cognitive Objects') can affect interactions and the quality of the decisions made in the room. Some of her previous experiments include a 'zen garden' that can relieve stress during a meeting or an 'inspiration' place to spark creativity. 



Cognitive Objects embody cognitive intelligent agents, providing a physical object that may sense, compute, react, and interact with the power of cognitive computing. Maryam has explored various form factors of objects (dress, lamp, chair, globe, caduceus) for multiple industry scenarios. She is the creator of 'Watson Maker Kits', a fun initiave toward open sourcing Cognitive Objects.



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