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Research on business process management
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY USA



The overall purpose of my current research work is to help with understanding semi-structured business processes. These are business processes that generally lack

  • a formal process model description and
  • a central controlling entity such as a workflow engine
My work is focused on monitoring such processes, checking for compliance against business policies and looking for process improvements or optimizations. Due to the nature of these processes, merely correlating the underlying process artifacts to recreate a trace of what occurred for a particular process instance is challenging, and this is just a starting point for tackling many interesting problems. Being able to correlate events from multiple systems, dealing with uncertain data instances, efficiently storing and querying linked data, looking for trends within business process execution are all topics of interest. Please see my publication list for details.

I am currently also a PhD student at the Computer Science department at Indiana University. My PhD advisor is Beth Plale.