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Research Staff Member and Technical Lead: Mobile Security & Privacy
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, NY


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I'm a Research Staff Member and Techincal Lead, leading research on mobile security and privacy in the mobile enterprise software group under Dr Marco Pistoia.

My team researches topics under the broad umbrella of mobile reputation analysis, including e.g.

  • malware detection;
  • static and dynamic detection of integrity vulnerabilities in mobile systems;
  • detection and quantification of unauthorized information sharing (aka data leaks);
  • usability aspects of mobile security and privacy;
  • identification and characterization of library dependencies in obfuscated mobile code;
  • runtime application self protection (RASP); and
  • developer tools to address security and privacy threats in mobile software.

My formal education is in the area of program analysis. I've done my PhD at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Prof Mooly Sagiv

Beyond my work on analysis and transformation of mobile software, I'm also interested in concurrent programming and applications of program analysis therein, and in ways of integrating machine learning into program analysis.