Contact Information

Rong N. Chang
RSM Mgr and Academy of Technology (AoT) Member
IBM Research, USA & China

Dr. Rong N. Chang is with IBM Research, USA & China, leading a global team creating innovative API-defined Internet-of-Things Cloud (IoT Cloud) services and helping a leading IoT service provider in China evolve the architecture of its service platform per its business needs. He is also leading the Open Data And Benchmarking Initiative (ODABI) for the IEEE services computing community. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science & engineering from the University of Michigan in USA in 1990 and his B.S. degree in computer engineering with honors from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan in 1982. Before joining IBM in 1993, he was with Bellcore researching on advanced application services for B-ISDN clouds. He has got his ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Services Management and one Micro MBA certificate. He has won one IEEE Best Paper Award, four IBM corporate-level Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, held 20+ patents, and published 40+ refereed technical papers in the areas of cloud computing, IT infrastructure healthcheck analytics, operational service quality management, workflow & process management, and e-commerce. He was a principal investigator of IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise offerings, On-Premise Private Cloud Implementation Services, and IBM CIO Dev-Test Cloud. He attended the invitation-only W3C Workshop on Distributed Indexing & Searching for IBM in 1996. He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cloud Computing and Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. He has chaired many conferences on Internet-based distributed services & solutions. He is Chair of 2015 IEEE World Congress on Services and 2016 Vice Chair of the Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference, sponsored by the Chinese State Council of PRC and the Chinese Institute of Engineers, USA. He is Member of IBM Academy of Technology, Distinguished Engineer of ACM, Chair of IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing, and Chair of the SLA subgroup of IEEE P2302 Working Group (Intercloud).