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Nanoscale Science & Technology
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  American Chemical Society  |  American Vacuum Society


Sally has worked for IBM's research division since 1982 when she started in the old Polymer Science & Technology department. Now she's in the Science & Technology function in the Nanoscale Science & Technology area. In her career at IBM she's worked on high temperature dielectrics for BEOL chip insulators, low-thermal expansion and photosensitive polyimides for high-end computer packaging, low dielectric polymers for microelectronic applications, materials for electrophoretic and OLED displays, molecular electronics, and nanoparticles for advanced lithography applications. Her current projects include the Lithium/Air rechargeable batteries and DNA origami projects.

Sally is the Webmaster and designer for IBM Research - Almaden's Science and Technology function website.

Sally is the chair of the IBM Research - Almaden Diversity Internship Program for the Under-Represented Minority Undergraduate students. She's been a mentor for NSF and CPIMA summer interns for over 10 years. She serves on the External Advisory Board for Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo's Materials Engineering Department.

Sally has two grown children. In her spare time she grows orchids in a greenhouse at home. She also enjoys doing chemistry demonstrations for school children.