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Software Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I am a Software Engineer at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY), working since 2014 in the global Watson Platform Next team in the Cognitive Fabric Engineering group managed by Evelyn Duesterwald.  My work involves programming models and tools for the development of cognitive applications on Watson Platform Next, the IBM Research version of the IBM Watson Platform.

Prior to that I most recently worked in the Software Development Governance group on the ANDES project. The goal of ANDES was to better predict the on-time, on-scope, on-quality delivery of software products. We approached this problem by applying analytic techniques to data collected on the work done by software development teams. My work involved assessing project-data quality and developing an adaptable Bayesian network model for predicting project completion based on historical rates of work-item state transition.

In the Software Development Governance group I was also involved in other projects, including Crescendo (better support for unplanned and ad hoc coordination among stakeholders in product development and delivery teams) and SEMinal (analytics to facilitate efficient execution in product support organizations).

Before joining the Software Development Governance group I worked on the Text2Test project (managed by Amit Paradkar), where we developed an Eclipse-based IDE to support the iterative development of natural-language use cases and the generation test scripts, process models, and other artifacts based on the use cases.   My work involved analyzing abstract models derived from use-case texts for aspects of sytle, completness, and consistency.  Subsequently I extended that work to assess consistency conditions for requirements specifications in Rational Requirements Composer.

Before that I was in the High Productivity Tools group (coincidentally also managed by Evelyn Duesterwald), where I worked on IMP, the IDE Meta-tooling Platform, which facilitates the development of language-specific IDEs in Eclipse (once an Eclipse Technology Project, later archived, now available here).

At IBM I have also worked on the Concern Manipulation Environment and in the Advanced Enterprise Middleware group. I have participated in projects relating to business transactions, advanced messaging middleware, aspect-oriented software development, concern modeling and manipulation, embedded-software modeling, change management for electronic design, and natural-language analysis of bug reports.

Prior to joining IBM I held post-doc or staff positions at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I worked mainly on projects relating to the design, implementation, and use of languages for programming software-development and other processes. I have also held positions in industry as a developer and as a quality assurance engineer.

I began my professional life as a geologist, and worked for several years at the Colorado School of Mines Research Institute (Golden Colorado), in both the Exploration and Mining and the Environmental Technology divisions.