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Research Scientist / Manager, Department of Cognitive Graph Computing
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, USA


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Dr. Toyo (Toyotaro) Suzumura is a research scientist and manager of graph computing department in the IBM Research Division, at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York. He also served as a visiting full professor at Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain as well as a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo in Japan. In 2017 he serves a program committee chair of the largest big data conference, IEEE BigData 2017.  He has been leading the team of winning the world championship in supercomputing competition called Graph500.  

He holds his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology. His Ph.D. thesis focused on Grid computing and large-scale distributed computing systems. His current research topics include large-scale graph analytics, deep learning, big data processing middlewares, supercomputing / high-performance computing, and microscopic simulation platforms on top of parallel and distributed computing environments - now shifted to artificial intelligence research.  He has been leading commercial projects with financial institutes to provide production-ready AI systems to detect financial frauds over millions of financial transactions. 

He joined IBM Research – Tokyo (namely TRL) in 2004 as a research scientist and has also continued to serve professorship in academia since 2009. Since April 2009, he had served as a visiting associate professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan and led his own research laboratory named Suzumura laboratory. Since October 2013, he has moved to Smarter Technology Cities Center in IBM Research – Ireland as international assignment leading the large-scale traffic simulation project in Dublin, Ireland.  During the stay, he also served as a visiting associate professor at University College Dublin as well as an adjunct professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. In Apri 2015, he completely transferred to IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York

He is now a co-principal investigator for two Japanese government projects funded by Japan Science Foundation that aim at building next-generation big data processing middlewares and libraries. One of his notable achievements is that he has kept leading the team of winning the first place at the world competition of “Big Data” processing on supercomputers called “Graph500” ( 6 times since June 2014 by proposing a novel and highly scalable graph search algorithm on massively parallel and distributed computers and successfully implementing it on the Japanese K
supercomputer. He has also led a project “ScaleGraph” ( of developing an open source library for billion-scale graph analytics.

He has published more than 63 reviewed paper for top-quality international conferences and workshops, 42 domestic conferences, and 15 international patents, and also served invited speakers, workshop chairs and/or program committee members for top-tier conferences such as ACM/IEEE Supercomputing and ACM International World Wide Web Conference. He is also a PC co-chair for IEEE BigData 2017 and industrial PC co-chair for IEEE BigData 2016. 

Current and Prior Positions

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - IBM Research 
Research Scientist / Manager 
4/2015 - Present

Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Visiting Professor
4/2016 - Present

The University of Tokyo
Visiting Researcher
4/2016 - Present

IBM Research
Research Staff Member
4/2004 - Present
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, the HQ of IBM Research after spending 11 years in IBM Research - Ireland and IBM Research - Tokyo

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Visiting Associate Professor - leading his own research laboratory named "Suzumura laboratory" 
2009/04 - 2013/09