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Researcher -- Watson/DeepQA Project
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY USA


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My research interests lie in natural language understanding and in applying it in business. Currently, I work on using natural language sources in Watson, and adapting related DeepQA technology for business applications.

For the last 15 years I mostly focused on helping IBM and its clients use natural language processing technologies. Before Watson/DeepQA, I led two projects: In the first, semantic search was used to improve information access for sales professionals, and in the second, a broader one, we tried to leverage intangible assets in the enterprise. (Such assets are often described in text documents). Prior to that I was part of the team working to increase the role of IBM Research in Global Consulting. We expanded the amount of Research influenced sales from the tens of millions to over a billion dollars. In another semi-technical role, I coordinated research and development of UIMA, IBM's (and now Apache's) Unstructured Information Management Architecture.

Earlier in my career, I designed and led the development of natural language dialogue systems. These systems advanced the state of the art in managing telephony and internet interactions, and the resulting prototypes were successfully used by IBM and its clients.

Polish Academy of Sciences, Ph.D,. Mathematics (with highest distinction), 1980.
University of Warsaw , M.Sc., Mathematics (summa cum laude), 1976.

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