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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



I am currently a research staff member at IBM Zurich Research Lab. I received my PhD from Penn State University. I completed my undergraduate studies at National Taiwan University and British Columbia University. My research interests are performance modeling, evaluation and optimal control of computer and communication systems using techniques in operations research and statistics. Here are selected application and systems of my interests.
    Big data analytics
    Streaming processing systems
    Cloud computing and datacenter managment
    Perfromance evalution and modeling

I am currently involved in following professional activities:

        Journal: associate editor IEEE Transactions on Service and Network Managment, associate editor IEEE Cloud, guest editor ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, guest editor future generation computer systems

Conference Organization: Eurosys18 workshop co-chairs, ICPE18 award co-chair, Middlware17 workshop co-chairs

Technical Program Committee: EuroSys18, DSN 18, IC2E 18

Past activites:

Technical Program co-Chair: DisCoTec17 DAIS TPC co-chairs,ICAC 2016 Workshop chair DCPerf 2011-12, ICNC CQSM symposium  2013-2014                

Technical Program Committee: DSN17, ICDCS17, Mascots17, ICAC17, GreeMetrics 17, ICC17, ICPE17, Middleware 2016, GreenMetrics 2016, IC2E Industrial track 2016, ICPE Industrial track 2016, ICC 2016, ICDCS 2016, ICCAC 2016, ICAC 2016, MASCOTS 2016, Middleware 2015, MASCOTS 2015, CAC 2015, ICAC 2014-15, ICPP 2014, DSN 2013, ICPE 2013-14, ICCCN 2012-13, ICC 2009-2014, ICNC 2012-13, Globecom 2009-2015, IPCCC 2010-2011, and INFOCOM 2010-2011