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Anja Lehmann
Research Staff Member
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland

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I am a researcher in the security group at IBM Research Zurich, where I work in the area of cryptography, information security and privacy. More specifically, I'm interested in the design of cryptographic protocols with provable security guarantees. See the publications section for recent research results.

I'm also interested in bringing new crypto and privacy techniques into the real world. Recent examples are our password-based protocols that withstand offline attacks in case of server breaches. In the ABC4Trust, FutureID and FI-Ware projects, I was further working on the deployment of privacy-enhancing credentials, such as IBM's Identity Mixer, in real-world applications and infrastructures. For more information on the Identity Mixer technology, see our project page.

Before joining IBM in 2010, I completed my PhD at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, supervised by Marc Fischlin.


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Recent Talks:

  • (Un)linkable Pseudonyms for Governmental Databases
    ACM CCS conference, Denver, October 2015
  • Cryptography for People [slides]
    IFIP summer school on privacy and identity management, Edinburgh, August 2015
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies & Applications to eHealth
    Health 2.0 Forum, Zurich, April 2015
  • A Movie Streaming Application & ABC4Trust as Services in the Cloud [slides]
    ABC4Trust Summit, Brussels, January 2015
  • Integrating Privacy-Enhancing Credentials in the FutureID Architecture
    EAB Research Projects Conference (EAB-RPC), Darmstadt, September 2014
  • Memento: How to Reconstruct Your Secrets from a Single Password in a Hostile Environment [video]
    CRYPTO, Santa Barbara, August 2014
  • Privacy-Enhancing Credentials Going Live: From Theory to Practice (and vice-versa)
    USI Lugano, May 2014