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contact information

Experimental Computer Scientiest
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



hi there!

i’m dirk husemann and work as a research staff member for ibm research at their zurich research lab

research interests

my research interests are mobile computing, embedded computing, and virtual universes. projects that i’ve worked on include the opencard framework, DEAPspace, the IBM mobile health toolkit aka IBM Personal Care Connect, CA-PK3, electronic ticketing, secured linux laptop, smart home, and, lately, IBM Secure trade lane.

external activities

since 2001 the school of computer science of the university of st andrews in scotland has very kindly appointed me as an honorary reader.

blogs, publications, patents, presentations

you might be interested in my professional/technical blog, xyzzy xyzzy…, or, in my private blog

if you search for “dirk husemann” in the patent databases, you’ll find a number of patents issued with me as one of the inventors — though, some of those listed having nothing to do with me (for example, i never invented that swivel chair thingy ;-)

as part of my job i occasionally do presentations on my research work; here’s a list of presentations i’ve done of the years:

you can get a complete list of publications from my online CV.

phd students

over the years i’ve been advisor for a couple of phd students — most of them survived the ordeal and live to tell the story ;-) in case you are interested in my “victims:”

contacting me

if you want to contact me, your best bet is to send me an email: