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Ronald P. Luijten
Data Motion Architect and manager Data Center Optimization
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland

I joined the Zurich research lab at the end of 1984, with the intent to stay 4 years - now I am in my 28th year with the lab. The lab was and still is a unique place to work in Europe.

I am an engineer at heart, and over the years became interested in system design. Very recently, I started working on technology development for the SKA program. Our DOME project aims at providing the technology roadmap for SKA and I manage 2 of the 7 activities within DOME.

Some time ago, I started to work on microservers, and I have one at home running on my desk that has apache webserver and the XCFE desktop. Even with an external 120GB hard drive, it only uses 4.2 Watts!

I love innovations of all kinds and recently found one that is pretty amazing. Here is an example of green and lightweight technology I use in my free time.