Mixed Signal Communications IC Design       


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Mixed Signal Communications IC Design - overview

Mixed Signal Communications IC Design

The Mixed Signal Communications IC Design group at Thomas J. Watson Research Center works in the design of high-speed serial links for wireline applications, analog and digital Phase Locked Loops (PLLs) for both serial links and microprocessor clocking, integrated voltage regulators for on-chip power supply management, and design automation for efficient physical design of mixed signal (analog/digital) circuits. These projects have resulted in numerous publications, and form the basis of a large number of product offerings from STG.

We focus our research efforts on the most advanced technology available at the moment. We try out, ahead of the product divisions, the performance of the new technology as it relates to the design of cutting edge analog circuits. This early access to technology permits us to test new ideas, verify technology models and performance, and generate reference designs that will be the basis for future product designs.