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Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper

Pat Goldberg Best Paper Award for 2010 announced 2010 Best Paper awards focus on double patterning lithography, the distinct elements problem, discrepancy minimization and nested virtualization.

Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship

IBM Research announces winner of 2011 Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship Daniel Wichs receives annual IBM fellowship to pursue research in cryptography.

IBM Open Collaborative Research

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December 19, 2011

IBM Research announces 2012 Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship All materials for the one-year fellowship are due by January 22, 2012.

November 1, 2011

The IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge: Student Projects Changing the World Use your expertise to develop unique learning experiences for future students. Submit your project by November 15, 2011.

October 31, 2011

IBM Watson heads to Harvard, MIT to explore future of technology in business The event brings together some of the brightest academic minds to collaborate on the use of advanced analytics, like those powering Watson, to transform the way the world does business.

October 24, 2011

From ruins to recovery Haifa researcher Gilad Saadoun joins CSC post-tsunami recovery efforts in Sendai, Japan.

IBM opens $50 million Smarter Cities challenge grant program to 2012 applicants The deadline for 2012 grant applications is December 16.

October 19, 2011

The frontiers of IT: IBM Research colloquium Envisioning a future in which technology creates a new class of systems that go beyond capacity, speed, and complex analytics to begin augmenting human intelligence -- with people as a central part of the system. Video interview with Dario Gil, program director, Energy Technology and Strategy at IBM Research.

October 17, 2011

11th annual Grace Hopper Conference wants women to ask "what if" Keynote speaker at the November 9-12 event in Portland, Oregon (US) is Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook. Registration deadline: October 20.

September 12, 2011

IBM Academy of Technology welcomes new members Fifteen of 58 inductees are from IBM Research facilities around the world.

September 1, 2011

IBM Research chess tournament results Twenty-two compete in fifth annual tournament as Amit Dhurandhar takes first place.

They Were There: Meet the people who changed the way the world works Errol Morris directs movie about the growth of IBM computing technologies -- and how they led to global social and economic change. Music by Philip Glass. [YouTube]

August 4, 2011

The story of a company and a century At Computer History Museum, IBM CEO says that the fundamental purpose of the IT industry is to create economic value from the discoveries of science.

July 11, 2011

Mercury programmer: We are riding on the shoulders of giants Arthur Cohen, mathematician and engineer who managed IBM team that supported Project Mercury, recalls IBM's centrality to the NASA project.

June 9, 2011

IBM's graphene breakthrough promises a new generation of wireless devices Article in Science magazine talks about new generation of wireless devices made from this carbon-based material. Read the press release.

June 7, 2011

IBM's Centennial and Almaden's 25th anniversary celebration IBMers listened to IBM historian Emerson Pugh, SVP and Director of Research John Kelly and IBM Fellow John Cohn reflect on discoveries that put San Jose Research division on the map.

May 11, 2011

Selects IBM to fuel national science IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer -- a cooperative project among IBM (IBM Rochester and the Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy and academia -- will enable further advances in molecular biology, cosmology, neuroinformatics and material sciences at University of Warsaw.

May 3, 2011

Eight new IBM Fellows join a distinguished tradition of excellence and innovation IBM researchers David Ferrucci and Steven Hunter are among this year's luminaries.

April 11, 2011

IBM Research – Haifa joins European partners to develop smart grid technology IBM Research joins global consortium to help develop a new generation of distribution network management systems.

IBM R&D powers the chips that power (nearly) everything else IBM Research and technology underlie consumer, communications and computing devices around the world.

April 4, 2011

Open Collaborative Research: Cheaper network management via wireless cloud A wireless network cloud project at IBM Research in China gives real meaning to the idea of innovation.

March 28, 2011

Almaden rank aggregation research expert recognized by IEEE Ronald Fagin wins esteemed technical achievement award for algorithm that stands the test of time.

March 21, 2011

Chieko Asakawa wins 2011 Anita Borg Institute Technical Leadership Award IBM web accessibility researcher shines again.

January 19, 2011

IBM Research announces 4Q 2010 external award honorees Awards recognize the continuing contribution that IBM Research makes to the company and to the scientific community.

November 23, 2010

ACM names 2010 distinguished members Seven IBM researchers are among the 47 honorees.

October 19, 2010

IBM Research announces winner of 2010 Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship Colin Blundell received the fellowship for promising research in computer architecture.

October 13, 2010

John Cohn gets jiggy with kids over computer engineering IBM Fellow presents electrifying evidence for an exciting career in science. [YouTube]

October 7, 2010

HVC2010: When things go right Sixth annual Haifa Verification Conference gathers verification experts from diverse countries and domains of expertise.

September 13, 2010

What's all this about P not equaling NP? Ken Clarkson, Ron Fagin and Ryan Williams look back on the Deolalikar affair and offer up an analysis of it.

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