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Storage Systems - Almaden - overview


The IBM Research Storage Systems group is well-known for its pioneering research in the areas of RAID, parallel file systems and enterprise backup and restore. We have also contributed to major storage industry products, such as IBM® RAMAC®, IBM 9337 RAID subsystem, Tivoli® Storage Manager, Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC), General Parallel File System (GPFS) and many of the products in the IBM® System Storage® product line (DS8000, SAN Volume Controller, Storwize V7000, SONAS, XIV, Tape Systems). The team has made significant contributions to industry standards and specifications such as iSCSI and iSER.

Our strategy areas of research include:

  • Exploratory Storage Systems
  • Archive Systems
  • Autonomic Storage Management
  • Scale Out File Systems
  • Solid State Information Systems
  • Storage for Clouds and Analytics

Our research covers all aspects of storage systems and storage solutions, and we are exploring technologies that can transform storage systems and support new classes of applications. Our goal is to design innovative storage systems and file systems, simplify and dramatically reduce the cost of storage management, and create new solutions that address the requirements of emerging data-intensive applications.

We collaborate with university partners and where appropriate, we strive for the rapid transfer of our technologies to IBM products by working closely with our product partners.

More information on storage systems research across IBM can be found at IBM Research - Storage Systems.

Head of Storage Systems Research

Lawrence Chiu