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Research Areas


  • Sugata Ghosal (Senior Manager)
  • Vijay Mann (Manager)
  • Balaji Viswanathan
  • Dhruv Sharma
  • Gaurab Basu
  • Kshiteej Mahajan
  • Mohan Dhawan
  • Praveen Jayachandran
  • Rishab Poddar
  • Shripad Nadgowda

Group Name

Systems Research Department, IBM Research - India

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The goal of system research department is to design and build next generation systems with higher levels of elasticity, flexibility, performance, and cost efficiency based on a holistic view of compute, network, storage, & software. Our current focus areas include enterprise cloud and data center networking.

The Distributed Systems group works in the area of cloud computing to make it more consumable in an enterprise setting. To that end we are developing new techniques for efficiently migrating traditional enterprise client systems to managed cloud environment, and for automating system management in enterprise clouds.

The Data Center Networking group is exploring ways to prevent network from becoming a performance and manageability bottleneck in large-scale cloud data centers. Some of the topics that we are currently investigating include: software defined networking (unique value it can bring to an enterprise network and challenges to its adoption) and opportunities for co-optimization of computation, storage & networking using network-aware virtual machine management.