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Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences - IBM Research India

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The Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences (BAMS) department conducts active research in several areas of analytical and mathematical sciences such as optimization, algorithms, stochastic analysis, statistics, data mining, predictive modeling, and simulation. Our research focuses on furthering the state of art in these areas from a scientific point of view as well as applies them for solving real-world problems encountered within IBM and by IBM's customers. As a department, we have been actively collaborating with academia on various research topics related to our project themes. Much our research appears in prestigious peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

We work closely with our business partners in IBM's business units such as Global Business Services, Global Process Services, Software Group, as well as with external customers. Challenging business problems encountered by our partners motivate the research projects. Typically, these problems are such that the state of the art industry tools cannot solve them satisfactorily. Therefore, the projects involve developing new approaches and applying our research skills in novel ways to the problem at hand. While this leads to high quality research, the ultimate goal is to solve the real-world problems faced by our partners. During the course of our projects, we develop analytical and optimization tools, often leveraging and enhancing IBM products in this space such as ILOG, SPSS, COGNOS, Unica and Coremetrics.

Working in the BAMS department requires skills in advanced analytical thinking and mathematical modeling, and the ability to identify effective algorithmic and model building approaches. Our approaches are often driven by domain specific insights. Engaging productively with our business partners is also one of the responsibilities of the members of the BAMS department. Currently, aided by the domain expertise of our partners, we are engaged in projects from diverse industry domains such as workforce management, supply chain, business contingency, and epidemiology. Examples of such projects that we have executed are capacity utilization, hiring & training, strategic planning & budgeting, workforce scheduling, contingency planning, dynamic supply chain optimization, customer targeting, propensity modeling for cross-sell and up-sell, etc.