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IBM Research India - Information and Analytics

The Information and Analytics group at IBM Research, India is focused on developing next-generation technologies in various areas such as database systems, information retrieval, distributed computing, information integration, business intelligence, data/text mining and big data platforms. These technologies are driven by IBM Research's goal of building intelligent solutions and services to address business problems in various industrial sectors, including financial, telecommunication, retail, and healthcare, among others. Our current areas of interest include:

  • Managing uncertain data at scale, including issues relating to data quality and analytics over uncertain enterprise, web, sensor and human-generated data
  • Data fusion, ETL, information integration, entity resolution and analytics over structured and unstructured multimodal data
  • Systems, frameworks and techniques for scalable information extraction, indexing and search over massive volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Platforms for large-scale data/text mining leveraging scale-out platforms such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases
  • Advanced business intelligence, data mining and predictive analytics for various domains such as marketing, banking, etc
  • Spatio-temporal and geo-spatial data analysis
  • Data privacy and security
  • Core database technologies

We generate novel ideas as well as invent or design complex products and processes; engineer these ideas to an advanced state of feasibility by evaluating them and participating in their implementation; connect to other business units and customers to identify and understand business problems and pain points; publish our results in leading conferences and represent IBM at professional forums and in professional societies.