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Knowledge Engineering Services - IBM Research India - overview

With the widespread enterprise adoption of IT enabled products and services and through the rapid growth of social media, massive amounts of structured and unstructured data are being generated on a daily basis by businesses and end users. Pervasive across the reams of data but often embedded deep within, is information – about business processes, technologies, society and individuals, and their interactions across time and space. This information, when extracted, curated, integrated and analyzed, can lead to knowledge that helps us find answers to complex questions, predict and prepare for events, and aid in dynamic business decision making. If data is the new natural resource for the 21st century, then knowledge is surely the new currency.

The Knowledge Engineering Services department is focused on developing technologies for efficiently acquiring, representing, retrieving, and delivering knowledge to individuals and organizations. Working closely with IBM business divisions and external clients, we are creating new products and offerings based on advanced text analytics, machine learning, the Watson/Jeopardy! technology, and data mining techniques for delivering personalized education, for creating automated self-help systems for technical problem resolution and to improve the efficiency of IT services delivery.

The following areas of work provide more details on our ongoing research initiatives: