Smarter Energy Group       


Smarter Energy Group - overview

Mission: Provide clean and cheap energy for the planet

We conduct research in all aspects of energy supply chain including building energy efficiency, demand management, renewable energy management, grid operations and micro-grids. We have a strong interdisciplinary group of researchers with backgrounds in various aspects of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering who apply their expertise collaboratively towards achieving this goal.


Ashish Verma (Senior Manager)
Vijay Arya (Manager)
Amith Singhee
Ashok Pon Kumar
Heena Bansal
Jagobondhu Hazra
Kalyan Dasgupta
Kumar Saurav
Manikandan P
Megha Nawhal
Mohit Jain
Pratyush Kumar
Rajendu Mitra
Ramachandra Kota
Sambaran Bandopadhyay
Sampath Dechu
Subendhu Rongali
Vikas Chandan