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Social Data Analytics Group in IBM Research - Brazil

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The Social Data Analytics group of IBM Research - Brazil focuses on technologies and applications based on the analysis of human-related data. We see our mission as the realization of the potential of Big human/social data in businesses and society.

Our approach is to investigate and develop technologies based both on personal data (such as social media posts) and on social data (such as the network of friends). Although social network sites are an interesting source of data, we try to employ and combine all kinds of data created by people as they go through their life and work. Of primary concern for us are privacy protection and user empowerment, and the technologies that support them.

organizational structure of the group

The Social Data Analytics group also applies methodologies from social sciences and related fields to try to understand the actual meaning, relevance, and significance of the patterns found in the data. At the same, we are also exploring applications which use human and social data in novel ways, how human data is best visualized, and the interaction of people with human data.