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Cognitive Solutions and Services - IBM Research India

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The Cognitive Solutions and Services department at IBM Research - India is focused on developing the next generation of cognitive technology solutions and services to fundamentally change the way we interact with computers, people, and enterprise scale systems.

We are creating new products and service offerings based on advanced text and content analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, and the Watson technology. We are building platforms for supporting personalized education, new methods of naturally interacting with enterprise infrastructure and systems, and new methods of delivering domain specific insights to customers. We are also conducting research on the next generation of cognitive interaction technologies.

We leverage our expertise in advanced text analytics, data mining, and machine learning to maintain strong academic credentials through top-quality publications, external collaborations, and service to the research community, as well as contribute to IBM business units via well-motivated applied research. 

Click on the following links to know more about some of the exciting projects that we are working on.