Computer Systems Design       


Computer Systems Design - overview

The Computer Systems Design PIC (Professional Interest Community) is a community within IBM Research that promotes the exchange of ideas regarding the design of computer systems. The PIC is home to researchers working on projects vital to IBM and the world.

One key goal of the Computer Systems Design (CSD) PIC is to promote collaboration both within IBM as well as between IBM and external parties. The PIC often hosts external speakers at IBM. Sponsoring conferences and workshops is another way to promote collaboration. If you believe there may be a potential collaboration opportunity with PIC researchers, feel free to contact the Computer Systems Design PIC co-chair for the appropriate discipline.

Since we cannot get speed the way we once did with Dennard Scaling, we have to develop better system designs and architecture, with an increased focus on across-the-stack integration. We continue to build on our strong research base in high performance computing, power-efficient processing and reliability, and have made several seminal contributions in the area. We are also exploring alternate computing paradigms such as approximate computing.

With ever more complex systems and growing heterogeneity, programming new systems is becoming harder -- even while the goal in computing is to make software development and application easier. We concurrently develop programming models, compilers and tools to make the overall system accessible and efficient.

We are building computation and communication devices and systems to meet the needs of current and emerging applications. We have expertise in multiple aspects of the system design, including core processor technologies, accelerator devices (such as GPUs and FPGAs), interconnect networks, memory design and integration and hardware security. Designing high performance, power efficient computing systems requires solving two fundamental problems across the system design stack at the level of devices on a chip, architecture and data-center design.

The Computer Systems Design PIC encompasses multiple sub-disciplines ranging across various aspects of computer system design. Designing a complete system often requires collaboration across a number of these disciplines. The following links provide more details about specific CSD-related projects.