Collaborative Code Review Tool       


Collaborative Code Review Tool - overview

Collaborative Code Review Tool is a code review plug-in for Eclipse that supports the code review process, particularly the "Selective Homeworkless Review" methodology.

The tool naturally integrates into the developer's working environment. It supports a distributed review environment and the various roles used in a review meeting. Reviewers can review the code at the same time, either through a virtual or a face-to-face meeting, or at different times. Review comments and Author navigation through the code are visible to all reviewers. Review comments are associated with line numbers, and the association is maintained when the code is changed by the developer inside Eclipse.

The integration with the Eclipse IDE enables easy code navigation, which is required especially when object-oriented code is reviewed.

The tool also supports a quantitative feedback mechanism that reports the effectiveness of the ongoing review effort. This feedback is updated as the review progresses, and can be utilized by the review moderator to keep the review process on track.

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