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Human Computer Interaction


Our internship program aims to recruit top students to work in our lab over the summer. Here is a snapshot of our internship program from 2012.

  • Deepti Raghavan, MIT, USA. Interned at IBM Research, India. Developed techniques to conduct virtual science experiments on mobile devices using sensing and haptic based interaction techniques. (2014)
  • Marion Zalk, University of Melbourne, Australia. Interned at IBM Research, India. Worked on simulating early termination search for spoken web queries. Published in EMNLP 2013.
  • Liam Betsworth, Swansea University, UK. Interned at IBM Research, India. Applied concepts of spatial audio and it’s potential applications for way finding and serendipitous discovery.
  • Sen Hirano, University of California, Irvine. Interned at IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab. Developed a prototype of a mobile app to help office workers improve and manage their physical activity. It included real-time analysis of accelerometer data to determine walking and running steps and explored the use of mobile phone vibrations as a reminder for doing physical activity.
  • Jessica Tran, University of Washington. Interned at IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab in the Software Productivity Group. Jessica ran a study of multi-touch gestures on phone and tablet devices that will inform predictive models of mobile device tasks, and tools that generate predictions using these models, such as CogTool.
  • Dustin Adams, University of California Santa Cruz Interned at IBM Research - Tokyo by getting support from U.S. NSF. Developed a prototype of the "accessible photo album for the blind", a system which provides photo taking experience to the blind by combining voice recording and multimodal browsing functions. The co-authored paper was accepted to CHI 2013.
  • Sabir Ahmed, Kanagawa Institute of Technology Interned at IBM Research - Tokyo. Surveyed accessibility environment for Arabian speaking countries in middle east.
  • Shivashankar Halan, University of Florida, Gainesville, Interned at IBM Research Almaden lab. Designed and developed a conversational interface for data analysis, allowing users to ask natural language queries to data, with the system as their conversational partner, finding and visualizing data automatically, leveraging the context of the conversation from previous queries.
  • Chun-Fu Wang, University of California-Davis, Interned at IBM Research Almaden lab. Designed and developed a dynamic graph-based phrase visualization for Twitter for identifying and visualizing commonly occurring phrases in tweets, allowing users to quickly understand the chatter on real-time social media as topics dynamically change.
  • Funda Kivran-Swaine, Rutgers University, interned at IBM Research - Almaden. Designed and conducted a study of persuasion on social media, examining what features of a social media post are most influential and to what extent tie strength is a factor.
  • Kyumin Lee, Texas A&M University, interned at IBM Research - Almaden. Conducted a study of engagement on Twitter around the practice of requesting people to retweet topic- or location-relevant information. Used the results of this study to construct models of users, classified them into retweet vs. no-retweet groups, and demonstrated that retweet rates could be improved using this technology.

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