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Research Areas

Additional information

2012 IEDM postdeadline paper

2012 CLEO Plenary talk

2012 IEEE Comm. Mag., Silicon Nanophotonics Beyond 100G

2011 IBM R&D Journal: Technologies for Exascale systems

2010 SEMICON Talk: CMOS Nanophotonics for Exascale

2008 ECOC Tutorial: On-Chip Si Nanophotonics

Group Name

Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics

Technology Development

  • "CMOS Integrated Silicon Nanophotonics: Enabling Technology for Exascale Computational Systems", William Green, Solomon Assefa, Alexander Rylyakov, Clint Schow, Folkert Horst, and Yurii Vlasov, Invited talk at the
    SEMICON Conference
    , Tokyo , December 1 (2010)
    PDF file with presentation slides
    See also CMOS Integrated Nanophotonics

  • “CMOS integrated optical receivers for on-chip interconnects,” S. Assefa, C. Schow, F. Xia, W. M. J. Green, A. Rylyakov, and Y. Vlasov
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
    , 16(5) 1376-1385 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Integration of Germanium Avalanche Photodetectors on Silicon for On-Chip Optical Interconnects”, Solomon Assefa, Fengnian Xia, and Yurii A. Vlasov,
    Electrochemical Society Transactions
    , v. 23 (6), pp. 749 – 756, 2010
    paper (subscription required)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. CMOS Nanophotonics Receiver. Click to enlarge