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Research Areas

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2015 SPIE Photonics West Plenary

2014 OFC Executive Forum presentation

2012 IEDM postdeadline paper

2012 CLEO Plenary talk

2012 IEEE Comm. Mag., Silicon Nanophotonics Beyond 100G

2011 IBM R&D Journal: Technologies for Exascale systems

2010 SEMICON Talk: CMOS Nanophotonics for Exascale

2008 ECOC Tutorial: On-Chip Si Nanophotonics

Group Name

Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics

  • Germanium detectors
  • RF modulators
  • WDM multiplexers
  • Broadband switches
  • Passive nanophotonics

  • Germanium detectors

  • “CMOS integrated optical receivers for on-chip interconnects,” S. Assefa, C. Schow, F. Xia, W. M. J. Green, A. Rylyakov, and Y. Vlasov
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
    , 16(5) 1376-1385 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)
    See also CMOS Integrated Nanophotonics

  • “Integration of Germanium Avalanche Photodetectors on Silicon for On-Chip Optical Interconnects”, Solomon Assefa, Fengnian Xia, and Yurii A. Vlasov,
    Electrochemical Society Transactions
    , v. 23 (6), pp. 749 – 756, 2010
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Reinventing nanophotonic avalanche photodetector for on chip optical interconnects,” S. Assefa, F. Xia, and Y. Vlasov,
    , March 4 issue (2010), pp.84-88.
    paper (subscription required)
    See also Nanophotonic Avalanche Photodetector

  • “CMOS-integrated Germanium Photodetector with Ultra-low Capacitance”, S. Assefa, F. Xia, S. Bedell, Y. Zhang, T. Topuria, P. M. Rice, and Y. Vlasov ,
    Optics Express
    18(5), 4986-4999, 2010.
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Ge Photodetector. Click to enlarge

    RF modulators

  • “Ultra-compact, low RF power, 10 Gb/s silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator”, W. M. J. Green, M. J. Rooks, L. Sekaric, and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Optics Express
    , 15, 17106 (2007)
    paper (free)
    See also Low power ultra-compact silicon modulator

  • “Optical modulation using anti-crossing between paired amplitude and phase resonators”, W. M. J. Green, M. J. Rooks, L. Sekaric, and Y. A. Vlasov, invited paper for the Focus issue on Microresonators,,
    Optics Express
    , 15, 17264 (2007)
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. RF modulator. Click to enlarge

    WDM multiplexers

  • “Silicon-on-Insulator Echelle Grating WDM Demultiplexers With Two Stigmatic Points”, Folkert Horst, William M. J. Green, Bert Jan Offrein, and Yurii A. Vlasov,
    Photonics Technology Letters
    21, 1743, 2009.
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Ultra-compact high order ring resonator filters using submicron silicon photonic wires for on-chip optical interconnects”, F.Xia, M.Rooks, L. Sekaric, and Y. Vlasov,
    Opt. Express, 15, 11934 (2007)
    paper (free)

  • "Mode conversion losses in silicon-on-insulator photonic wire based racetrack resonators", F. Xia, L.Sekaric and Yu.A.Vlasov,
    Opt. Express 14, 3872 (2006)
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. WDM multiplexer. Click to enlarge

    Broadband switches

  • “Low-power, 22 silicon electro-optic switch with 110-nm bandwidth for broadband reconfigurable optical networks,” J. Van Campenhout, W. M. J. Green, S. Assefa, and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Optics Express
    17(26), 24020-24029, 2009. paper (free)

  • “Design of a digital, ultra-broadband electro-optic switch for reconfigurable optical networks-on-chip,” J. Van Campenhout, W. M. J. Green, and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Optics Express
    17(26), 23793-23808, 2009. paper (subscription required)

  • “Silicon-Nitride Surface Passivation of Submicrometer Silicon Waveguides for Low-Power Optical Switches,” J. Van Campenhout, W. M. J. Green, X. Liu, S. Assefa, R. M. Osgood, Jr., and Y. A.Vlasov,
    Optics Letters
    34(10), 1534-1536, 2009. paper (free)

  • “High-throughput silicon nanophotonic deflection switch for on-chip optical networks”, Y. Vlasov, W. M. J. Green, and F. Xia,
    Nature Photonics
    , April 1 issue (2008). Published on-line March 16 , 2008.
    paper (subscription required)
    see also High-throughput nanophotonic switch

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Broadband switch. Click to enlarge

    Other components: waveguides, fiber couplers, etc.

  • “Multichannel High-Bandwidth Coupling of Ultra-Dense Silicon Photonic Waveguide Array to Standard-Pitch Fiber Array”, accepted F.E. Doany, B.G. Lee, S.Assefa, W.Green, Min Yang, C.Schow, C.Jahnes, S.Zhang,J. Singer, V. Kopp, J. Kash, Y. Vlasov,
    IEEE J. of Lightwave Technology
    , v.99 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Integrated NiSi Waveguide Heaters for CMOS-Compatible Silicon Thermo-Optic Devices,” J. Van Campenhout, W. M. J. Green, S. Assefa, and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Optics Letters
    35(7), 1013-1015, 2010.
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Terabit-per-second Silicon Photonic Nanowire Waveguides for On-Chip Networks”, B. G. Lee, X. Chen, A. Biberman, X. Liu, I.Hsieh, C.Chou, J. Dadap, R. M. Osgood, Jr., F. Xia, W. M. J. Green, L.Sekaric, Y.A. Vlasov, and K. Bergman,
    Photon. Techn. Lett.
    , 20, 359 (2008)
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Losses in single-mode silicon-on-insulator strip waveguides and bends” S.J.McNab and Yu. A. Vlasov
    Optics Express, 12(7), 2927 (2004)
    paper (free)

  • “Ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuit with membrane-type photonic crystal waveguides”, S. J. McNab, N. Moll and Yu. A. Vlasov
    Optics Express, 11(22), 2927 (2003)
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Fiber coupler. Click to enlarge