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Research Areas

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2012 IEDM postdeadline paper

2012 CLEO Plenary talk

2012 IEEE Comm. Mag., Silicon Nanophotonics Beyond 100G

2011 IBM R&D Journal: Technologies for Exascale systems

2010 SEMICON Talk: CMOS Nanophotonics for Exascale

2008 ECOC Tutorial: On-Chip Si Nanophotonics

Group Name

Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics

  • Nonlinear Nanophotonics
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Coupled Resonator Waveguides

  • Nonlinear Nanophotonics

  • “Mid-Infrared Optical Parametric Amplifier Using Silicon Nanophotonic Waveguides,” X. Liu, R. M. Osgood, Jr., Y. A. Vlasov, and W. M. J. Green,
    Nature Photonics,
    4, 557 - 560 (2010)
    paper (subscription required)

    See also Optical Parametric Amplifier on a Chip

  • Review“Engineering Nonlinearities in Nanoscale Optical Systems: Physics and Applications in Dispersion-Engineered Si Nanophotonic Wires,” R. M. Osgood, Jr., N. C. Panoiu, J. I. Dadap, X. Liu, X. Chen, I.-W. Hsieh, C.-Y. Chou, E. Dulkeith, W. M. J. Green, and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Advances in Optics and Photonics
    1(1), 162-235, 2009. paper (subscription required)

  • Review “Nonlinear-optical phase modification in dispersion-engineered Si photonic wires”, J. I. Dadap, N. C. Panoiu, Xiaogang Chen, I-Wei Hsieh, Xiaoping Liu, Cheng-Yun Chou, E. Dulkeith, S. J. McNab, Fengnian Xia, W. M. J. Green, L. Sekaric, Y. A. Vlasov, and R. M. Osgood, Jr., invited paper for the Focus Serial: Frontiers of Nonlinear Optics
    Optics Express 16, 1280 (2008)
    paper (free)

  • “All-Optical Wavelength Conversion of 10 Gb/s RZ-OOK Data in a Silicon Nanowire Via Cross-Phase-Modulation: Experiment and Theoretical Investigation,” J. B. Driscoll, W. Astar, X. Liu, J. I. Dadap, W. M. J. Green, Y. A. Vlasov, G. M. Carter, and R. M. Osgood, Jr.,
    Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics,
    v. 16(5), 1448-1459 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Tunable Wavelength Conversion by XPM in a Silicon Nanowire, and the Potential for XPM-Multicasting” , W. Astar, J. B. Driscoll, X. Liu, J. I. Dadap, W. M. J. Green, Y. A. Vlasov, G. M. Carter, and R. M. Osgood, Jr., IEEE Photonics Technology Letters,
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
    , 28(17), 2499-2511 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “All-Optical Format Conversion of NRZ-OOK to RZ-OOK in a Silicon Nanowire Utilizing Either XPM or FWM and Resulting in a Receiver Sensitivity Gain of Similar to 2.5 dB,” W. Astar, J. B. Driscoll, X. Liu, J. I. Dadap, W. M. J. Green, Y. A. Vlasov, G. M. Carter, and R. M. Osgood, Jr.,
    (Special Issue on Silicon Photonics) Journal of Special Topics in Quantum Electronics
    16(5), 1448-1459 (2010)
    paper (subscription required)

  • ”Conversion of 10 Gb/s NRZ-OOK to RZ-OOK utilizing XPM in a Si nanowire,” Astar, W; Driscoll, Jeffrey B; Liu, Xiaoping; Dadap, Jerry I; Green, William M J; Vlasov, Yurii A; Carter, Gary M; Osgood, Richard M,
    Optics Express
    17(15), 12987-12999, 2009. paper (free)

  • “Supercontinuum generation in silicon photonic wires”, I. Hsieh, X. Chen, X. Liu, J. I. Dadap, C. Panoiu, C. Chou, F. Xia, W. M. Green, Y. A. Vlasov, R. M. Osgood, Jr. ,
    Opt. Express, 15 , 15242 (2007)
    paper (free)

  • ”Cross-phase modulation-induced spectral and temporal effects on co-propagating femtosecond pulses in silicon photonic wire” I-Wei Hsieh, X. Chen, J. I. Dadap, N. C. Panoiu, R. M. Osgood, Jr., S. J. McNab, Y. A. Vlasov,
    Opt .Express 15, 1135 (2007)
    paper (free)

  • “Ultrafast-pulse self-phase modulation and third-order dispersion in Si photonic wire-waveguides”, I.Hsieh, X. Chen, J. I. Dadap, N. C. Panoiu, R. M. Osgood Jr., S. J. McNab and Yu.A. Vlasov,
    Opt. Express, 14 , 12380-12387 (2006)
    paper (free)

  • “Self-phase-modulation in submicron silicon-on-insulator photonic wires," E. Dulkeith, Y. A. Vlasov, X. Chen, N. C. Panoiu, and R. M. Osgood, Jr.,
    Opt. Express 14, 5524-5534 (2006)
    paper (free)

  • “Group index and group velocity dispersion in silicon-on-insulator photonic wires," E.Dulkeith, F.Xia, L.Schares, W.M.J.Green, L. Sekaric and Yu.A.Vlasov,
    Opt. Express 14, 3853-3863 (2006)
    paper (free)

  • “C-band wavelength conversion in silicon photonic wire waveguides” R. Espinola, J.Dadap, R.Osgood, S.J.McNab, Yu.A.Vlasov Optics Express, 13, 4341 (2005)
    paper (free)

  • “Spontaneous Raman scattering in ultrasmall silicon waveguides” J.Dadap, R.Espinola, R.Osgood, S.J.McNab, Yu.A.Vlasov
    Optics Lett., 29, 2755 (2004)
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Raman amplification in ultrasmall silicon-on-insulator photonic wire waveguides” R. Espinola, J.Dadap, R.Osgood, S.J.McNab, Yu.A.Vlasov
    Optics Express, 12(16), 3713 (2004)
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Nonlinear Nanophotonics. Click to enlarge

    Photonic Crystals

  • “Demonstration of an air-slot mode-gap confined photonic crystal slab nanocavity withultrasmall mode volumes,” J. Gao, J.F. McMillan, M. Wu, S. Assefa, and C. W. Wong,
    Appl. Phys. Lett.
    96, 081107 (2010). paper (free)

  • “Deterministic Tuning of Slow-Light in Photonic-Crystal Waveguides Through the C and L Bands by Atomic Layer Deposition,” C. J. Chen, C. A. Jusko, I. Meric, K. L. Shepard, C. W. Wong,, W. M. J. Green, Y. A. Vlasov, and S. Assefa,
    Applied Physics Letters
    96, 081107 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “High-Order Dispersion in Photonic Crystal Waveguides”, S. Assefa and Y. A. Vlasov,
    Optics Express
    , 15, 17562 (2007).
    paper (free)

  • “Transmission of slow light through photonic crystal waveguide bends”, S. Assefa, S.J.McNab, and Yu.A.Vlasov
    Opt.Lett., 31, 745 (2006)
    paper (subscription required); preprint (free)

  • “Coupling into the slow light mode in slab-type photonic crystal waveguides”, Yu.A.Vlasov and S.J.McNab,
    Opt.Lett., 31, 50 (2006)
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Active control of slow light on a chip with photonic crystal waveguides”, Yu. A. Vlasov, M.O’Boyle, H. Hamann and S. J. McNab
    Nature November 3 (2005)
    paper (subscription required)
    see also Slow light on a chip

  • “Mapping the optical properties of slab-type two-dimensional photonic crystal waveguides”, E.Dulkeith, S. J. McNab, and Yu. A. Vlasov
    Phys. Rev. B 72, 115102 (2005)
    paper (subscription required); preprint (free)

  • “Observation of surface states in a truncated photonic crystal slab” Yu.A.Vlasov, N. Moll, and S.J.McNab
    Optics Lett., 29(18), 2175 (2004)
    paper (subscription required); preprint (free)

  • “Mode mixing in asymmetric double-trench photonic crystal waveguides” Yu.A.Vlasov, N. Moll, and S.J.McNab
    Journ. Appl.Phys, 95(9), 4538 (2004)
    paper (subscription required) ; preprint (free)

  • “Ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuit with membrane-type photonic crystal waveguides”, S. J. McNab, N. Moll and Yu. A. Vlasov
    Optics Express, 11(22), 2927 (2003)
    paper (free)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Photonic Crystal. Click to enlarge

    Coupled Resonator Waveguides

  • "Waveguide dispersion effects in silicon-on-insulator coupled-resonator optical waveguides," M. L. Cooper, G. Gupta, M. A. Schneider, W. M. J. Green, S. Assefa, F. Xia, D. K. Gifford, and S. Mookherjea,
    Optics Letters
    Vol. 35, pp. 3030-3032 (2010).
    paper (subscription required)

  • “Ultra-compact optical buffers on a silicon chip”, F.Xia, L. Sekaric, Y.Vlasov,
    the premiere issue of Nature Photonics, , 1, 65, January 2007.
    paper (subscription required)
    see also Compact optical buffers with ring resonators

  • “Coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROWs) based on silicon-on-insulator photonic wires", Fengnian Xia, L.Sekaric, M. O’Boyle, and Yu.A. Vlasov,
    Appl. Phys. Lett. , 89, 041122 (2006).
    paper (subscription required)

  • Image gallery. Click to enlarge. Slow Light optical buffer. Click to enlarge