Visualization and Behavior Group - Interns and Alumni


We have amazing students work with us during the summers. If you are interested in doing an internship with us, contact us in the January-March timeframe when we are usually hiring for the following summer.

Peter Kinnaird, 2012, Carnegie Mellon University
Jessica Hullman, 2011, University of Michigan
Margaret McKenna, 2011, New York University
Elif Aktolga, 2010, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chen-Hsiang (Jones) Yu, 2010, MIT
Anna Wu, 2009, Penn State University
Rosta Farzan, 2007, 2008, University of Pittsburgh

Some of the current researchers we work with at IBM

The Center for Social Business
Frank van Ham
Steve Rohall
David Millen
Werner Geyer
Tristan Ratchford
Casey Dugan
Michelle Zhou
Eser Kandogan
Jeff Nichols
Jennifer Lai
Kush Varshney
Aleksandra Mojsilovic

Alumni of this group and the former Visual Communication Lab

Adam Perer
Irene Ros
Matt McKeon
Martin Wattenberg
Fernanda Viegas
Jonathan Feinberg
Jesse Kriss